Interview with Dr. Jana Helbig | Managing Director | German Centre Delhi.Gurgaon

First published in M+V India Insight in December 2014

M+V: Did the election of Prime Minister Modi affect the development of your India business?

Dr. Jana Helbig (J.H.): India is an important investment and business location and therefore, the commitment of the German Centre Delhi.Gurgaon has remained stable and continues to thrive independently of political elections. Since its establishment in 2008, only 5% of all the 70 tenants we have had closed their operations in India completely. We see this as a sign that companies – although they are aware of the challenges – have faith in the potential of the market and see the opportunities India offers. The same is true for me personally. After being part of the Indo-German business community for more than 10 years, I’m very happy to be back in India to head the German Centre Delhi.Gurgaon. Nevertheless, we all will closely monitor the Indian market and welcome the optimistic outlook that the election brought.

M+V: What would you wish for from the Indian government for your success in India?

J.H.: The Indian government has clearly acknowledged and recognized the problems and actively manages the revival process of the Indian economy and the further integration of India into the world economy. Due to the difficult past years we cannot expect miracles overnight. That would be inappropriate and hamper a sustainable development of any economy. I simply wish for the continuation of the currently very committed and active approach of the Indian government.

M+V: What are your goals for 2015 as the new Managing Director of the German Centre Delhi.Gurgaon?

J.H.: Our main objective will be to further strengthen our already very good and established present market position. As a reliable partner of the Indo-German business network, we will continue with our business and networking events at the German Centre with an emphasis on linking German with local companies and institutions. We are certain that with a positive spirit, more and more German companies will seize the opportunity and establish a presence in India.

Thank you Dr. Helbig for this interview!