06 May 2021
09:30 – 11:00 (CET)

For a long time, India was largely associated with outsourcing. However, this has changed. In this exclusive online interview, Jan Linssen, Managing Director of ARS Traffic & Transport Technology, describes his many years of business experience in India. Moreover, he provides valuable insight into how his company made the move from outsourcing its software development to selling its own software solutions in India. Additionally, Linssen talks about the challenging situation in pandemic times, necessary product customization for the Indian market, and gives interesting tips for foreign companies who want to sell high-end products or services in India.

Target group: Market entrants as well as companies that have been active in India for many years.

Event language: English


This webinar includes:

09:30 Interview: From outsourcing to selling in India

Corona: What is the impact of the pandemic on foreign companies’ operations in India?

Product customization: What needs to be done to ensure the product is in demand in India?

Sales strategy: Is there a “right” strategy?
Learning from experience: What should foreign companies definitely know if they plan to sell high-end products or services in India?

10:30 Expert Tip: Administration, accounting and payroll management are an absolute necessity for successful business in India. However, this often hampers a complete focus on sales. In this session, we share with you tips on how your company can focus exclusively on sales in India.

10:45: Q&A

Interview Partner

Jan Linseen

Jan Linssen, Managing Director of ARS Traffic & Transport Technology, started software development in India twenty years ago. As a matter of fact, ARS provides traffic and transport solutions for private and public organizations. Recently, ARS has successfully started to sell its software solutions in India to improve the dramatic traffic situation in many Indian cities.


Marteen Van Der Schaaf

Maarten van der Schaaf, director, and co-founder of IndiaConnected helps Dutch companies become successful in India. Mr. van der Schaaf graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a Master’s degree in International Relations and Journalism. Also, earlier in his career, he worked as a correspondent in India for several years. Hence covered a wide range of topics, including Indian business, politics, culture, sports, and religion.

Picture of Suhasini Sharma

Suhasini Sharma is Head – Business Intelligence & Customer Relationship Management at Maier + Vidorno in India. She speaks German and is also an expert in intercultural collaboration. Moreover, for more than 17 years, she has been leveraging her skills in working with different cultures, industries (automotive, procurement, banking, and investments), hierarchies, and also cross-functional areas (sales, engineering, HR, customer service, CRM, employee relations, business intelligence & strategic planning). Also prior to M+V, she worked for companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Deutsche Bank, Oracle and IBM.

Event Partner


Since its foundation in 1900, the OAV has been active as a trade association with a great deal of experience, commitment, and the best contacts for its members. Moreover, as the largest of the state associations, more than 800 members are organized in the OAV. These include around 500 corporate members from all sectors throughout Germany, such as representatives of large industrial groups, medium-sized manufacturing companies, trading companies, banks, insurance companies and numerous service companies. Also, the common interest is the Asia-Pacific region: The OAV offers both Asia-experienced companies and newcomers the ideal platform for cross-industry exchange of experience and a comprehensive range of practical services.

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