India Business Seminars in Kyoto & Osaka, Japan - 25th & 26th Feb 2019
Atul Khurana Head of consulting-Maier+Vidorno

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March 2019

Opening Indian Windows in Japan – Business Seminars in Kyoto & Osaka, Japan – 25th & 26th Feb 2019

Seminars to “Understand and Leverage Your Competitive Advantage in India” were held in February in Kyoto and Osaka.  These seminars were in partnership with the Consulate General of India, Osaka-Kobe (the window of India on the west side of Japan) and Invest India (the government body supporting the investment to India from foreign countries). JETRO and Kyoto / Osaka Chamber of Commerce co-organized the events with Maier+Vidorno .

In total 150 participants attended the seminars (Kyoto 80 and Osaka 70), and while there were companies from multiple industries, it was the number of attendees from machinery, electronics, trading and wholesale industries that stood out. Almost 55% of the companies who attended these events had not yet started any business in India and were looking for information. However, we found that the ratio of companies already doing business in India has increased compared to attendees of the previous seminars organized. We also understand that these companies are facing a variety of issues with the businesses they have established in India. The seminars combined overviews of trade with India from experts, with networking opportunities and one-to-one meetings with companies on request.

What are the Common mistakes that companies make during India Market Entry?

Among the various issues, one of the most common challenges faced by Japanese companies doing business in India was on clarity on the actual market environment in India for Japanese companies, This topic was addressed by JETRO in their presentation covering “Trends of Japanese companies in India and Introduction of Industrial Park“. Unsurprisingly, the participants found this topic very interesting and useful. From the interaction with the participants, it was evident that Japanese companies are seeking more expert information and guidance in understanding the market environment in India, and are particularly interested in learning from the experiences and journeys of the existing Japanese companies with a history of operations in India. During the one-to-one interactions with the participants, we observed that the complexity of doing business in India was the number one problem being discussed. These individual concerns were best addressed in a one-to-one meeting style, a successful aspect of the seminar. M+V’s India experts organize several customized workshops/seminars focused on learning from the real business cases of foreign companies doing business in India. Get in touch to know more about how our workshops can help your team establish and grow a successful business in India.

Japan vs. India – the land of confusion
Interview with Yasushi Hasegawa | Director | Fenetre Partners

The presenters from M+V (Mr. Atul Khurana, Head Consulting & Ms. Samriti Parashar, Head Executive Search), dove deep into challenges in doing business in India. Mr. Khurana discussed the “Right India market entry strategy is key to the success of any foreign company looking to enter the India market”. Ms. Parashar discussed how “Human Resource is key to the success of any company”. Her presentation focused on the human resource availability in India and how to best manage it to maximize performance efficiencies.

What are the possible Market Entry Options for India?

Another predominant challenge faced by the participants was in trading and complicated taxation. M+V handles the Import, Export as well as Accounting & Taxation of 100s of foreign companies mostly from Japan, Europe, and the USA, among other administrative and operational support. Our team is well experienced in integrating foreign systems to work for India.

What are the Golden rules for a good collaboration in India?

Maier+Vidorno is an expert in India and supports foreign companies who are facing issues in doing business in India and/or trying to start a business in India and with their market expansion plans. We continue to partner with JETRO, Invest India and the Consulate General of India Osaka-Kobe to bring the best expert advice and support to Japanese businesses looking to make the most of India’s opportunities.

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