India’s Packaging Industry is about to profit from a Government initiative in the Textile Sector: to realize the ‘Make in India’ idea the Ministry of Minority Affairs claimed to improve the Design and Packaging of 40 shortlisted Handloom Fabrics and Handicrafts. With the objective of increasing the value of the products, the export potential is aimed to be exploited and thereby the Handloom Industry boosted, as it plays an important role in the Indian economy.

Among other institutions the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) is involved in realizing that request of the Ministry of Minority Affairs. The institution itself was established in 1966 by Packaging and allied Industries and aims to improve the Packaging Industry in India. Working under the administrative control of the Ministry of Commerce, its focus lies on improving the standard of Packaging needed for the promotion of exports and therewith serves the idea of developing India into a global manufacturing hub.

Not only the increase in exports of Handloom Fabrics holds great potential for the Packaging Industry in India, also the Food Processing Industry. The country is the second largest food producer and the third largest fruit producer, the whole sector of Food Processing has grown about 13.7% over the last four years. This development also fosters the Packaging Industry as the two sectors are strongly connected to each other. It comes along with an improved distribution network and supply chain, new processing technologies and large marketing efforts of the industry. Further high quality Packaging is needed for the Pharmaceutical Industry, which is growing at a rate of over 13% annually. The sector is the fourth largest worldwide in terms of volume and accounts for one fifth of generic drug production. Having the largest number of FDA-approved manufacturing plants, low production costs and innovative scientific manpower, the country is already a manufacturing hub for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The Handloom Fabrics Industry however plays an important role for the rural population of India, as it is the second largest employment provider after Agriculture and the majority of employees are female. For that reason it now receives support from the Government.

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