GeoConsult is an Austrian Engineering Consultant with services in construction and infrastructure projects across the globe.

Engineering projects in India require local presence of the engineering team combined with the Austrian technical expertise. But for the handling of compliances in Indian business environment – a local partner with knowledge in international accounting and compliance regulations and intercultural experience is an absolute must.

Maier+Vidorno provides the right professional approach for administrative compliance, taxes, and hot-to-handle bureaucracy. Arriving in India as foreigner and foreign entity – this is a great help. Maier+Vidorno has the people and experience in intercultural mindsets to structure European business in India.

Maier + Vidorno are experts in all questions of India business – and handle our finances and compliance professionally. We value the proactive support and advice for our business needs.
Dr. Florian Krenn, Managing Director, Geoconsult India Pvt. Ltd.