Guest author: Girish Alawe | Asst. Manager- Sales | Schmersal India Pvt. Limited

The Food Processing Industry (FPI) in India is one of the largest in terms of production, consumption, export and growth prospects. It is projected to grow at the rate of 104 %, touching US$ 482 billion by 2020. The food sector has emerged as a high-growth and high-profit sector due to a large agriculture sector, abundant livestock, and cost competitiveness. India is the largest producer of milk and second–largest producer of fruits and vegetables. With 20 agroclimatic regions, all 15 major climates in the world exist in India.

The Food Processing Industry in India is a sunrise sector that has gained prominence in the recent years. Demand for instant food, packed food, ready-to-eat food has increased significantly. Though it indicates growth for the Indian food Industry, manufacturing companies are facing a big challenge to maintain the quality & safety at works. Food industry has to follow many steps like washing, drying, filleting, heating, shredding, mixing, filling and packing, that are generally taken over by Automation.

Ministry of Food Processing Industries, MoFPI is making all efforts to encourage investments in the business. Under the “Make In India” campaign, the Government of India has approved the set-up of five Mega Food Parks with provision of Rs. 2,000 Crore (US$ 301.27 million) in 2015-16, to provide cheaper credit to the food processing industry.

One of the major demands of this sector is machine safety & here Schmersal, with its 70 year’s experience in the field of Safety & Automation becomes a preferred safety solution partner. Schmersal develops products that comply with FOOD Grade standards EN 1672-1 and EN 1672-2 with certification from ECOLAB, BG & FDA. Schmersal range of Push buttons, Emergency Stop & other control devices are suitable for IP 69K applications. At Schmersal, we understand the requirement of various applications & their demands. With process specific knowledge, Schmersal has developed products like Stainless Steel Door Safety Sensor BNS 40S (completely washable), hygiene Solenoid interlock AZM300 that keeps the door locked while the process is running. The products are designed to withstand a water jet of at least 80 bar with a temperature of 80°C as well as temperatures below the freezing point.

Selection of the right product for the right application & implementation is important. Schmersal team of Machine Safety Consulting services is always at your service with their expertise in risk assessment, design of safety circuit & safety trainings.

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