In July – in the middle of daily Corona figures – we found a new National Sales Manager (NSM) for an international technical coated textiles company. The client needed someone who knew how to sell their type of products, understood the Indian market and was internationally experienced. We found the perfect match for them—a “Non-resident Indian (NRI)”. He proved himself in the sector working abroad. Interviews conducted online, and the turnaround time from start to the onboarding of the candidate was four months. M+V took care of their need and implemented successfully.

Hiring the Right Talent

At the senior executive level, it’s very crucial to find the perfectly suited National Sales Manager. The whole purpose of proactive recruitment is to bring into consideration candidates that might not be otherwise identifiable in the market or the talents at the competitor’s side – they may not respond to an advertisement.

Moreover, it opens up a whole range of candidates who are not aware of or shown interest in the appointment. Executive Search Consultants approach the candidates through their networking and referrals. Then they discuss as to how they would add value to their Resume – all the time stressing confidentiality. Therefore, using an outside Executive Search Services also allows the company the freedom of recruiting from competitors. Also, the ability to choose among candidates that would not be available through internal or passive sourcing methodologies.

Seasoned Executive Search Consultants insist on having a wider landscape to search for the best talent. They select the profiles of the candidates based on their number of years of experience, industry know how, the budget of the client etc. Senior Recruitment Consultant accompanies the client for interviews with the shortlisted candidates they add value to the interview process. Consequently, they ask role specific questions, generally asking the candidates to take them through his/her present organization structure. Senior Consultants might stimulate the knowledge of the Candidates. Subsequently, they may ask them to prepare a presentation to show their understanding of the Scope of Work offered. Subsequently, the activity helps in identifying the right candidate.

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