Efficient Logistics and Finances in India – M+V for Trodat

/Efficient Logistics and Finances in India – M+V for Trodat
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Maier+Vidorno ensures on-time delivery to Trodat customers in India through efficient Management of their Supply Chain: Export, Import and Inventory Management processes. Complete operational expertise in one place – outsourcing order processing and administration of your India business to M+V.


Trodat has its roots in Austria, but it hasn’t let national boundaries stop it. The world’s market leader in the stamp industry had an ambition to be successful in India – one of the most potential and emerging markets in the world. Expanding to new markets is challenging and Trodat found in M+V a trusted local partner to overcome these challenges for India. One of Trodat’s strategies for India was to sell their products to B2B customers like banks, companies, corporate houses, Government departments, etc. where they have to customize the stamps and sell directly to these customers. Since different customers have varying impression requirements; creating an infrastructure to manage such samples became a necessity, that M+V’s team had to resolve. The logistic approach of distributing stamps across India was another challenge which had to be addressed in the most productive and cost efficient way.

For Trodat, India was a white spot before we entered with our own subsidiary in 2009; it was then a resources problem of when to set which step. We wanted to concentrate on sales and distribution of our products and looked for a partner to help us setting up our business according to the Indian regulation, law and culture, besides providing us the logistic, administration and HR support. M+V has done a professional job in exactly doing that. So we were able to concentrate on our business and did not waste any time with other than our specific skills. M+V directed us with professional manner – a perfect relationship of two cultures.
Helmut Machtlinger, Area Manager Asia-Pacific, Trodat GmbH


Maier+Vidorno supported Trodat since their India market entry in 2009 till 2012 by efficiently managing the business operations in India. Trodat relied on M+V’s expertise in India for the following requirements:

  • Back-office support across all functions to proactively manage and efficiently resolve daily matters
  • Setting up a unit where customer specific stamping needs could be addressed
  • Supply Chain team of M+V provided access not only to customers across states, but introduced ways by which on time deliveries to local customer locations could be achieved
  • M+V’s Management team in Finance, Supply Chain and Human Resources are driving the processes and resolving problems if existing
  • Complete SAP integration and transparent customized business performance reporting (e.g. on-time status of dispatch, delivery and inventory through mobile SAP)

Outsourcing to M+V helps to save time and money through Economies of Scale and combined India expertise and experience.

We have many subsidiaries all over Asia – in India we get full administrative support from M+V. Through specific, transparent and professional performance reporting in finance and logistics customized to our requirements, I can efficiently steer the business from a distance with the assistance of our professional team on site – consequently, our business in India grows in the right direction.
Photo of Saurabh GuptaSaurabh Gupta, Managing Director Trodat Marking India Pvt. Ltd.


Headquartered in Austria, today Trodat Trotec group encompasses more than 35 international subsidiaries, with more than 1,350 employees worldwide. Trodat has been expanding single-mindedly for decades thereby becoming the world’s market leader in self-inking stamps and dominates engraving, marking, and cutting in the laser area with Trotec. Trodat stamp products are innovative and suitable for every application. Sister company Trotec manufactures prevailing technology for stamp producers enabling them to produce stamp products with consistently clean and beautiful impressions.