Maier+Vidorno and European Business Partners sign a MoU to support European companies in their India business
First published in June 2015

The “Make in India” campaign is now 9 months old, and while it still has to yet fulfil all its promises, the campaign certainly provides great opportunities – especially for foreign companies who wish to expand their presence in all developing markets.

Manufacturing and Sales in India has great potential for foreign companies – not just because of India’s booming population, increasing middle class markets but also because products adapted to the Indian market are often better suited for sale to other emerging markets as well. The Government’s campaign aims to make investment more attractive by lowering barriers for foreign investment and reducing complexity.

An excellent example of how dynamic and attractive the Indian markets now are is that the current European Business Delegation to India is led by Prime Minister Mr. Mark Rutte.

During the delegation Maier+Vidorno and European Business Partners signed a MoU in the Hotel Taj Palace, Mumbai on Saturday 6th June. This MOU will allow them to combine their special skills to better help European companies make and sell in India. The NICCT (Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce and Trade) stimulated Maier+Vidorno and European Business Partners to work together.

Maier+Vidorno supports foreign companies in their India business and administration, while European Business Partners BV provide project management support during manufacturing set up in India.This collaboration will allow the partners to combine their competencies in Doing Business in India to support european companies on the subcontinent.
Maier+Vidorno and european Business Partners are India Specialists and understand the needs of foreign companies – from the initial business set up, to increasing sales in India through to setting up manufacturing. european companies will benefit from the combined India expertise, in-depth consulting and reduced investment costs in both time and resources, so they can focus on developing their business in India.

Mr. Manoj Madachery from Maier+Vidorno:

“Companies in India need to act fast and keep the customer and business in mind, but India is vast and complex and it is easy to get distracted. We help foreign companies to focus on the business development while we manage all aspects of the bureaucracy. Together with Dutch Business Partners we can better support Dutch firms entering in India or wanting to grow their business in India.”

Mr. Toon Laurensse from Dutch Business Partners adds:

“The Make in India campaign gives the right incentives for setting up a long term manufacturing strategy in India”

Maier+Vidorno was established in 2000 and has offices Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Cologne, Germany.


Dutch Business Partners was established in 2003 and has offices in Venray, Netherlands and Ahmedabad, India.
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