integrating a Distribution Network System (DMS)
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September 2019


Make your India distribution network robust & efficient by integrating a Distribution Network System

Overseeing worldwide business is a gigantic task. With distinction in time zones, language, business etiquettes, cultural differences, etc., overseeing business functions, resources, communication and controlling business across geographies is difficult. This is true when you are selling in India. Many organizations deploy ERP frameworks to better manage inventory, accounts, and finance, client relations, supply chain, etc. But when managing the distribution of products, they need a broader and explicit framework, which specifically deals with the requirements of a manufacturer with a multi-national, multi-tier distribution network. In recent years, specific solutions have been built around this need of the industry and are termed as Distribution Management System (DMS). DMS application deals with order processing, purchasing, inventory management, and accounting. It focuses on distribution and gives a lot higher level of usefulness explicit to the requirements of distribution companies.

To meet the rising demand of international businesses, we have created a DMS by the name of DROPS (Data | Resources | Operations | Process | SAP), which assists our customers to meet the requirements of a geographically vast market like India.

Some of the noted features and benefits of DROPS are:

Inventory Management: Helps companies to maintain the optimum stock level at different touch-points such as stockiest, distributor retailer, etc.. DROPS gives you exact visibility on stock, batch number, return, etc. at distributor points, you can get intelligent alters well in advance and plan replenishment on time at retailers and distributors end.

Why it’s important to get your distributor strategy right in India?

Order Fulfillment & Sale Return Management: Distributors can mark complete and partial deliveries and can take returns based on SKU or invoice. With reports on order fulfillment and returns, you can keep a close watch on the efficiency of the supply chain as well as keep control of sales returns.

Primary Orders & Billing: DROPS provides you with a function like primary order placement, GRN generation, and validation, billing to retailers with customized invoicing options.

Secondary Order Booking: With this functionality, the distributors can book orders from retailers. This gives complete visibility of the sales channel from the distributor through to the retailer. In the Indian context, it becomes necessary to manage the distribution channel to the last level to ensure high efficiency in inventory handling.

Order Processing and Supply Chain Management in India

Schemes and Discount Management: It helps run various types of schemes and discounts both at the distributor and warehouse level. Discounts and schemes are the biggest drivers of the business. Companies usually spend a huge sum of money on these activities. One of the simplest ways to keep a check of theses is to have DROPS, which will ensure all necessary checks and balances at the time of invoicing and will also provide you an analysis of the performance of each scheme.

Distributor Claims Management: Another big advantage that your distributors will get with DROPS in place is better turn-around time for claim settlement. With return, schemes, damaged receipt everything automated through DMS, there will always be transparency to distributors and the company on the receivables and payables. Further with online claim submission through DMS, all the claims will be settled much quicker than a manual system which usually goes through multiple rounds of iterations between both the parties.

Want to find right distributor?

Accounts Receivables Management: Manage your accounts receivables from distributors through DROPS.

Dynamic Reports & Dashboards: It is of utmost importance for you to have real-time visibility of all business data from your distribution channels. If you are not using a DROPS, you will have to rely on the offline data shared by your distributors on a certain frequency, which is neither real-time nor authentic. But you cannot compromise on some of the key information such as current stock available with distributors, orders pending for fulfillment, an order being returned by the retailers and many more.

Therefore, if you are either planning or are already having a distributor network in the Indian market, DROPS is what you need. Contact our Maier+Vidorno experts.

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