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Thorough investigation is critical for the success of your business

When you are first entering into a new relationship – buying a company through M&A or finding a Joint Venture partner – you need to conduct a detailed & systematic investigation of the potential partner or target. It is always worthwhile exploring these options, and the more thorough the investigation, the higher chances of success will be. Even if you have your own company in India but you are not reaching your targets, there is a need for investigation. The earlier you identify and rectify the issue(s) affecting the growth potential of your business the better.

Unfortunate due diligence of a potential target or partner – or even your own company – is complex in India, and you need experts you can trust who have the expertise to identify even the hidden aspects in a business in India. M+V will analyse critical aspects of the business to identify what needs attention.  We can conduct a brief and precise assessment (Diagnostics) or organise in-depth Due Diligences for one or more aspect of the business – Financial, Legal, Compliance, Human Resources and Operational.
We have specialists in all aspects of Diagnostics & Due Diligence
What makes M+V Diagnostics & Due Diligence so special?
At M+V, we fully understand operations and regulations, and we protect shareholder interests. We can help you, as your trusted advisor, to recognize potential risk in time to adjust; to seek out and correct weaknesses in systems, or problems with managers or personnel. Our experts support 100s of foreign companies a year in their day to day operations in India, and we not only set up and run all aspects of operations for clients, but also oversee and advise on all aspects.

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