How does Indian culture affect doing business in India?

Indian culture affect business as Indians tend to focus more on good personal relationships and resolution than they do on adherence to processes. For a good business relation in India one also needs a good relation to the counterpart as a person. Avoid conflict in your personal relations with business partners even if that could mean a delay in a project.

In India you will get invitations to weddings, birthdays etc. and you should try to attend if you can. Foreigners need to understand that this is part of Indian culture where there is no strict divide between private life and business life.

Many aspects of Indian culture affect business. For instance, Indians believe in astrology and a good star constellation is important to many before entering into a cooperation. It is also common in most areas to perform religious ceremonies at the start of new ventures – at inaugurations, opening of new factories and even when buying a new car.

Indians hesitate to criticise their boss or others in the next hierarchical level up. Foreigners who are unaware of this might get out of a meeting in India thinking that the meeting was constructive as everybody agreed on their suggestions only to later find nobody is executing what was discussed during the meeting.  So in case you hear a “yes – no problem Sir” you should make sure that you are not running into an intercultural trap. Building additional milestones into a project can help to identify such blocks before it is too late.

Intercultural training is really recommended before you jump in. This helps you be successful in business in India right from the start. Get in touch with our experts for useful tips on how to build a successful business relation in India.