What documents do I need to incorporate a subsidiary company in India?

/What documents do I need to incorporate a subsidiary company in India?
  • company incorporation documents required in India

What are the company incorporation documents needed to set-up a subsidiary in India?

There are many options for investment in India and several types of presence a foreign company can establish in India. It is essential to evaluate each option and make the right decision according to your industry and the market potential. Every type of foreign presence have different sets of company incorporation documents required.

If you choose to incorporate a wholly owned subsidiary in India, you need the following company incorporation documents:

  • Board Resolution – signed by the CEO, COO or CFO
  • Registration Certificate of the main promoter company
  • Articles of the main promoter company
  • Trade mark registration certificate for name and / or logo of the company

All these documents need to be English or attached with an English translation and be certified by a notary public.

India also requires the notarised copies are confirmed by the official registration body of the home country and then the Indian Consul General.

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