What checks should I do before hiring a new Indian employee?

There are lots of checks to do before hiring in India:
You need to check their salary expectations – and you need to check what they were paid before. India is very much a negotiation culture and many people will tell you they are earning a lot more than they are, so to check previous earnings it is a really good idea to ask to see salary slips.

You need to also do medical, residential and criminal checks – in such a vast country you need to ensure you know where your team comes from and their state of health. It’s also a good idea for senior people to check they really do have the qualifications they claim – it is not unknown to find that false claims about degrees and courses.

Traditionally reference checks have not been standard, but they are really important. Ask for specific objective information about the person – did they work at the company when they said they did and are there any notes or warnings in their file (and if so what), and the reason they left. Do ask about past performance, but keep in mind that a character reference may not always be helpful as India is a formally polite culture where people would not like to write down negative feedback on an individual. It is a good idea to check a couple of companies on the person’s CV before hiring in India – not just the people they are suggesting as references.

For senior positions it is a good idea to do psychometric tests with skill tests specific for the role. These are important because first impressions can be very wrong or different when you are looking at hiring in India compared to hiring in your own country.

M+V’s Recruitment Team can help you make all the checks you need before hiring in India. Our consultants can also give you some basic HR advice for new market entrants.