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India Day 2017 – a review

Author: Eli Hamacher | Freelance Business Journalist First published in July 2017 Doing business in India not only requires taking risks, but also improvisational talent and a lot of patience. About 1,800 German companies have sales offices and production facilities in India, and at the India Day in Cologne, SMEs [...]


From 17 to 3: An Interview with Klaus Maier about GST

Klaus Maier | Founder & Managing Director| Maier+Vidorno First published in the magazine "Steuermarkt" published by JUVE in June 2017. The interview was conducted by Stephan Mittelhäuser. In March, the Indian Parliament opened the way for one of the largest tax reforms in the country's history. With the Goods and Services [...]


The contrast between Dutch and Indian communication styles

Han van Schaijk | Dutch representative | Maier+Vidorno The Netherlands is today India’s fourth-largest trading partner in the EU and one of the top five investors. In recent years the value of mutual trade has risen to more than six billion Euros. We talked to Han van Schaijk, our Dutch representative, about the [...]


USA vs. India – guidance is crucial

Interview with Martin & William Pallante | 20/20 Management Consulting LLC First published in M+V`s India Insight in July 2016 Convincing US companies to invest in India is at the top of the agenda for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and recent estimates by USIBC suggest US companies will invest [...]


Japan vs. India – the land of confusion

Interview with Yasushi Hasegawa | Director | Fenetre Partners First published in M+V`s India Insight In the context of Japan vs. India, Japan is the fourth biggest investor in India. Major industries which have invested a lot are transportation equipment, electronics, finance and retail and distribution. Famous large Japanese players in [...]