Technical Textiles Gaining Traction in India

Under the guidance of the Prime Minister, the ministry of textiles has taken several measures for the development in the Textile Sector during the last three years – core objectives being technology up-gradation, infrastructure development, skill enhancement as well as welfare of workers, weavers and artisans. Being one of the [...]


Focus on infrastructure to enhance Indian Textile Industry

The Indian Textile Industry is the second largest producer of textiles and garments in the world. The Government and the industry are now focused on increasing exports to regain lost share to countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam. With an economic growth of 7.5%, and a population of about 1.34 billion, India [...]


Indian Apparel Industry on track for expansion

Global brands, new stores and unique experiences are penetrating the Indian market and allure customers of the Apparel Industry. The Textile Industry together with garments industry contribute to 14% of India’s GDP and 13% of merchandise exports. Trailing only agriculture, the Textile Industry is the 2nd largest employer providing 45 [...]


Textile Industry in India: Political Impetus

In a major decision for the Textile Industry in India, the Government in one of its states (Maharashtra) has for the first time decided to provide subsidy to textile owners which would not be linked to bank loans. Subsidy for the Textile Industry in India was earlier credit-linked and only [...]


The rise of the Technical Textile Industry in India

India owns 59 % of the world’s market share in textiles and garments and is expected to be the leading textile-producing country in the world by 2020. It has the potential to become the manufacturing hub due to skilled labor, low costs and natural resources available. But still, the domestic [...]


Garments Market in India – Focus on Online Selling

Guest author: Caroline JOIRE | Co-founder & Alicia CANTONI | Business Dev. Manager | AGALINE  Last year, in 2014, apparel and accessories worth INR 3354 crore were sold online in India ($559 million). It is expected to reach the INR 17000 crore mark ($2,8 billion) by 2016. What are the factors driving [...]


Indian Textile Industry: Ancient Tradition & Rising Star

Guest author: Geraldine Beatrice Gonfard  | Buying Agent for European brands in New-Delhi Textiles and manufacturing have always been a tradition in India. The cotton trade with Western countries started centuries ago, and the Silk Road links Europe to North India and China. Today, India is the second largest textile [...]

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