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3D Printing adding another dimension to industries in India

3D Printing adding another dimension to industries in India Oct 2017 - Jan 2018 3D printing technology has caught global market attention in the last couple of years and [...]

Printer manufacturers in India embracing innovation

India getting digitised doesn’t seem to affect the steady growth in the print market. As per the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), print media in India has grown by 61% [...]

Print Industry set to drive further growth

Against the global trends, India’s Print Industry is still on the rise and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.8% between 2015 and 2020. In the last year [...]

Technological Upgrade for Indian Paper & Print Industry

The Indian Paper and Print Industry  is heading towards technological enhancement. The Printing Industry is gearing up to absorb the upcoming methods of printing like digital printing and UV inks. [...]

Indian Print Media Industry: Another Success Story

The economic success of the Indian Print Industry vitally depends on the two most important pillars of this sector, newsprint and package printing. In the world of computerization and paperless [...]

3D-Printing on advance in India’s Printing Industry

It is no secret that India now is the fastest growing economy of the world. This comes from good economic conditions and rising demand in the consumer goods sector, which [...]

Indian Print Market: Time to focus on Packaging

Although the growth of the Indian Print Market slowed down since the global financial crisis, total print revenues in India will continue to grow at 6.8 % through 2017. The [...]

Print and Paper Sector in India: Close-Up on Label Industry

The printing industry is growing all over the world and so it does in India. On a global perspective the market is about to hit $ 980 billion in 2018. [...]

Paper & Print Industry – Facilitating a prosperous India

India is the fastest growing market globally for paper and it presents an exciting and promising scenario. The paper consumption is ready for a big jump forward in sync with [...]

Paper & Print Grow Again in India

The Indian paper industry has seen strong market growth again after a temporary lull. A study by ICRA forecasts sales in the overall paper industry increasing 6-8% per annum, while [...]