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Growing Indian Mining Industry: Bright prospects for Mining and Construction Equipment

Growing Indian Mining Industry: Bright prospects for Mining and Construction Equipment Aug - Nov 2017 India’s Metallurgy and Mining Industry is an essential pillar in its economy and industries [...]

Indian Steel Industry in limelight: revival will pull FDI

The mining and quarrying sector in India experienced a cumulative growth of 5.3% during FY 2016-17. It is known that bureaucratic hurdles have undermined the positive development in the sector for decades. [...]

Mining Industry seeks reduced dependency on imports

India is rich in minerals and only a fraction of its potential has been explored resulting in major imports. The Government’s target is to increase the share of mining and [...]

Revolution in the Indian Mining Industry?

Being a mineral rich country and having advantageous geographical conditions, India is economically empowered. The Government of India is implementing policies which will bring transparency in the system and also [...]

New Exploration Policy to increase India’s Mining potential

India is one of the few countries worldwide where steel demand will continue to grow in the forthcoming years. The demand growth rate is forecasted to be 5.4% in 2016-2017. [...]

New governmental support for the Indian Steel Industry

The Metallurgy Industry is the derivation of many products. Raw materials are being processed and used by numerous industries, such as automotive, construction and infrastructure. That makes it an important [...]

Metallurgy in India – Ease of Doing Business

The Indian Government launched the initiative ‘Make in India’ in 2014 to encourage companies to manufacture their products in India by reducing bureaucratic barriers. What is the effect for the [...]

Indian Steel Industry: Sustained Growth on the basis of ideal conditions

Indian steel industry faced a rapid development over the last decade and has a high potential to grow even faster in future. Currently, the industry has a production capacity of [...]

Mining & Metallurgy Industry in India, an untapped market with strong growth potential

The growth of the mining & metallurgy industry in India is crucial for India’s growth in the next decade. While demand for commodities has been strong, supply has been constrained. [...]

Indian Metals – the next Global leader?

The metal and mining industry of India recorded 20% expansion in 2011 and expected to more than double in revenue to $305 billion by the end of 2015. Production volumes [...]