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Automation and Robotics to re-shape the future of Indian Industry

Automation and Robotics to re-shape the future of Indian Industry Sep - Dec 2017 Passion for technology and the need to be globally competitive has paved the way for [...]

Automation India: From Smart Factories to Smart Homes

India is racing towards Industry 4.0 and Automation changes the manufacturing landscape every day. We see that more and more industries have moved to automation for sustainable manufacturing. But the [...]

Automation imperative to boost manufacturing in India

India aims to become a preferred manufacturing hub and be globally competitive. However, it is critical for the industries to be digitally transformed and be future-ready to manage the fast [...]

India geared-up for innovative Automation Technology

Automation is an integral part of manufacturing in India. The Indian robotics, Automation Industry and the R&D in the sector are on the verge of writing a new chapter. The [...]

The effects of Industrial Automation across several industries in India

Automation is a worldwide process in the manufacturing sector.  A recent international survey ranked India one of the top three countries in the world to implement Robotic Automation in core [...]

Automation to make India a global manufacturing hub

Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories all are concepts that are currently challenging the global manufacturing landscape. Companies need to progress with new technologies, and foster efficiency. But [...]

Industrial Automation: The Smart Future

Guest editor: Pragnesh Mori | Regional Sales Manager - North | Micro-Epsilon India Private Limited The field of Industrial Automation deals with automation of manufacturing processes which helps to increase the productivity and [...]

Hand tools in India: a synopsis

Guest author: Ajay Khashu | Business Development Manager & Advisor | Hazet In the recent years, as the economic globalization accelerates, the hand tool industry became the main source in hardware [...]

India is one of the biggest future markets for automation

Guest author: Björn Becker | Business Development Manager | JUMO GmbH & Co. KG Industrial automation is one of the largest growth markets worldwide. There is a rise in the [...]

India – a country on the move

India is becoming a major economic power in the world with an ever increasing demand for industrial automation. The country has more than 1.2 billion habitants now, and by 2050 [...]