Indian Energy Sector – Status & Road Map

Guest author: Nikhil Tiwari | Business Development Manager | Ensinger India Engineering Plastics Private Ltd. Energy has been universally recognized as one of the most important inputs for economic growth and human development. There is a strong two-way relationship between economic development and energy consumption. On one hand, growth of [...]


India’s Energy Future is Green and Black

Guest author: Thomas Elmar Schuppe  | Senior Fellow | Observer Research Foundation (ORF) & CIM Integrated Energy Expert, New Delhi The year 2015 is going to be critical for the energy and climate story that unfolds over the decade to come. The global community has to agree on a successor [...]


India encourages the Energy Sector

Networks cannot keep up with the rising demand for electricity in India, while economic growth, increasing prosperity, increased urbanization and rising per capita energy consumption has widened gaps in access to energy across the country. There is a lot being done to try to solve the problem in both the [...]

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