Favorable policies boost India’s Chemical industry

Dhrub Thakur | Company Secretary - Head Legal Compliance | Maier+Vidorno Updated in September 2017 India is the seventh largest producer of chemicals worldwide and third [...]

Foreign investors betting on the Indian Chemical Industry

By contributing around 3% to India’s GDP the Indian Chemical Industry is one of the most important contributors to the country’s economic development. In terms of domestic production and exports, [...]

The Transforming Chemical Industry

The Indian Chemical Industry aims to double its share in global chemical industry to 5%-6% by 2021. Growing at 9%, the industry has enormous growth potential. India is one of [...]

Sustainable and Green Approach in the Indian Chemical Industry – possible?

The Indian Chemical Industry, with highly diversified chemicals, is currently worth $147 billion. Contributing to 15% of India’s manufacturing GDP, the industry is critical to the country’s economic development and [...]

Petrochemical hubs to boost Chemical Industry in India

Since the Chemical Industry is providing material to almost every other industry, it is an essential part of every economy which is also the case for India. The Indian Chemical [...]

India to benefit from China’s Downturn in Specialty Chemicals Industry

India is the third largest producer of Chemicals and Petrochemicals in Asia and the eighth largest in the world. For now the market is estimated to account for a volume [...]

Indian Chemical Industry: Accelerating Growth

Guest author: Tanish Dadhania | Regional Sales Manager - West India | SIMONA AG Chemical Industry is one of the oldest industries in India, which contributes significantly towards industrial and economic growth [...]

Glimpse of Indian Specialty Chemicals Industry

Guest author: Ranjan Baruah  | Independent Consultant Specialty Chemicals are a group of “relatively high value low volume chemicals, known for its end use performance enhancing applications”. They are recognized [...]

Indian Chemical Industry: Sizzling Chemistry between Growth and Demand

India is the third largest producer of chemicals in Asia. The market volume of the sector is estimated at US $ 118 billion. In the financial year 2014-15, the Indian [...]

Indian Chemical Industry: Rapid Growth Story

According to IBEF, the Indian chemical industry stands as the third largest producer in Asia and 12th in world, in terms of market volume. This industry could grow at 14% [...]