10th India Day – A Successful Anniversary

This year was the 10th anniversary of India Day. A good reason for the organizers Maier+Vidorno, Luther, and Sparkassenfinanzgruppe to hold this special event with about 200 participants on 25th June in the festive Flora Köln. The event has traditionally been held in Cologne in June since 2010. The [...]


“My Delhi”

Martin Fuchs | Managing Director  | German Centre for Industry and Trade Delhi Pvt. Ltd First published in M+V’s India Insight in June 2011 Delhi is India’s largest metropolis by area and second-largest by population. There are nearly 22.2 million residents in the greater National Capital Region (“Delhi NCR” also [...]


“My Mumbai”

Katrin Pasvantis | Director  | Germany Trade & Invest (Mumbai) First published M+V's India Insight in September 2011 Mumbai is India's most populated, modern and dynamic city. Home to Bollywood stars, fashion designers and industrialists: Mumbai is the city of dreams. Millions come here in the hope of a better life. Mumbai is [...]


“My Bangalore”

Ute Bottcher | Vice President | Senior Relationship Manager, Deutsche Bank AG First published in M+V’s India Insight in December 2011 Bangalore, also called Bengaluru, is the capital of Karnataka. While Bangalore has been nicknamed the “Garden City”, today it is better known as the “Silicon Valley of India”, being [...]


“My Kolkata”

Rajesh Nath | Managing Director  | VDMA India Office, Kolkata First published in M+V’s India Insight 2012 Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), was the former capital of India and the birthplace of modern literary and artistic thoughts which lives to this day. It is locally regarded as the intellectual and cultural capital [...]


“My Pune”

Tomal K. Ganguly | Executive Assistant Manager, Automotive Division | PRETTL Group First published in M+V’s India Insight in June 2013 Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra and is situated 560 meters above sea level on the Deccan plateau on the side of the Sahyadri mountain range. It [...]


“My Chandigarh”

Dr. Anton Reinfelder | Managing Director | Groz-Beckert Asia Pvt Ltd First published in M+V’s India Insight in 2012 Chandigarh is India’s first planned city and is located near the foothills of the Shivalik Range of the Himalayas.  Named after the goddess of power Chandi and designed by the French architect [...]

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