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India Day 2017 – a review

Author: Eli Hamacher | Freelance Business Journalist First published in July 2017 Doing business in India not only requires taking risks, but also improvisational talent and a lot of patience. [...]

Indo-German innovation partnership: an untapped prospect

Author: Murali Nair | Senior Project Manager | Bertelsmann Stiftung First published in July 2017 Background Germany’s position at the forefront of global innovation can no longer be taken for [...]

Get an edge with e-commerce in India

Author: Renita Jane Pinto | Marketing Specialist | Maier+Vidorno First published in April 2017 India is the fastest growing in the retail e-commerce market worldwide and is projected to top $64 billion [...]

M+V study shows “Companies worldwide are still not tapping the full potential in India”

M+V Survey 2016 | First published in M+Vs India Insight in July 2016 India is already the World‘s 9th largest economy and likely to become 3rd largest by 2030. GDP [...]

Enterprise Resource Planning: More important than ever for your business success

Author: Pardeep Kansal | Project Manager IT & ERP | Maier+Vidorno First published in June 2016 Indian economy opened its gates to the world in the year 1991 and since [...]

E-Commerce in India for Foreign Companies

Author: Praveen Singhal | CFO |  Maier+Vidorno First published in May 2016 Cross-border E-Commerce in India is extremely interesting – both for Indian companies and for foreign companies wanting to [...]

Modi-fied India? The outcome after two years of Modi

Author: Barbara Schmidt-Ajayi | Regional Manager India/South Asia |OAV – German Asia-Pacific Business Association First published in M+V`s India Insight in April 2016 Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power [...]


First published in Feb 2016 We asked international companies “Doing Business in India” what their main business challenges in India were and what they want to see in the upcoming [...]

How to structure your sales team in India

First published in August 2015 Foreign companies that employ personnel in India need to consider cultural differences, not only when choosing and hiring staff in India but also with regard [...]

Assembly and Installation in India

First published in July 2015 Foreign companies that want to sell imported products in the Indian market and to assemble them in-country, need to not only decide between different sales [...]