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Distribution Network System

Satish Tripathi | Head - IT & ERP | Maier+Vidorno LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+ September 2019 Make your India distribution network robust & efficient by integrating a Distribution Network System Overseeing worldwide business is a gigantic task. With [...]


How to structure your sales team in India

Updated in April 2019 Foreign companies that employ personnel in India need to consider cultural differences, not only when choosing and hiring staff in India but also with regard to the organizational structure and team composition of the workforce – especially when assembling a sales team in India. Compared [...]


Expert Insight: Successfully Developing Sales in India

Expert Insights: Eli Hamacher | Freelance business journalist Published in October 2018 Understand the need and customize With growth rates of roughly 7%, India is the fastest-growing emerging economy. Industries such as logistics and healthcare offer good opportunities for Foreign SMEs. A cleverly planned market entry pays off as [...]


India as a procurement market: Expert Insights

Expert Insights: Eli Hamacher | Freelance business journalist Published in July 2018 "Few countries achieve such high economic growth as India. After a small dent in the previous year, Gross Domestic Product should again expand by more than 7% in 2018," said the head of Economic and Real Estate Analysis [...]


Business Success in India: Build Relationships & Improvise

Expert Insights: Eli Hamacher | Freelance business journalist Published in July 2018 The importance of personal relationships: Skilled and relaxed, two managers portray how well they work together. Mr. Jörn Schmersahl the CEO of Air & Ocean Europe at Rhenus Logistics (Division of Rethmann Group) and Mr. Vivek Arya, [...]


India Day 2017 – a review

Author: Eli Hamacher | Freelance Business Journalist First published in July 2017 Doing business in India not only requires taking risks, but also improvisational talent and a lot of patience. About 1,800 German companies have sales offices and production facilities in India, and at the India Day in Cologne, SMEs [...]