Challenges & Opportunities of Make in India

India is a massive and complex market with a lot of regulations. To crack the Indian market foreign companies often dip their toe in it by initially importing their products. As soon as the investment makes sense  many companies experience a lot of advantages of setting up manufacturing in India [...]


Distribution in India

Author: Shashank Verma | Head Supply Chain & Order Management | Maier+Vidorno First published in April 2016 “India” a Trade Link to the Mideast & Europe India enjoyed a special status as far as trade with the world is concerned between the 11th and 18th centuries when trade was very [...]


Order Processing and Supply Chain Management in India

Author: Shashank Verma | Head Supply Chain & Order Management | Maier+Vidorno First published in August 2015 Foreign companies usually struggle with Indian bureaucratic and operational formalities (for legal compliance, accounting, import and supply chain management in India), especially during market-entry in India. Hence, they are often busy finding out [...]


Assembly and Installation in India

Foreign companies that want to sell imported products in the Indian market and to assemble them in-country, need to not only decide between different sales strategies but also have to offer suitable solutions for handling assembly and installation in India on site. There are several possible ways to organize assembly [...]


Dutch companies can “Make in India”

Maier+Vidorno and European Business Partners sign a MoU to support European companies in their India business First published in June 2015 The “Make in India” campaign is now 9 months old, and while it still has to yet fulfil all its promises, the campaign certainly provides great opportunities – especially [...]


Golden Rules for good collaborations in India

Thomas Weidlich | Attorney-at-Law, Partner | Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH First published in M+V's India Insight Foreign investors often enter the Indian market having in mind its huge growth potential, but underestimating the inherent risks. This is particularly true of collaborations with Indian partners, many of which have been set up [...]


Indovation: How to innovate for India

Klaus Maier | MD & Founder | Maier+Vidorno First published in January 2015 This article is from the recent book Indovation by Wolfgang Bergtaler. The bait has to appeal to the fish, not the fisherman Western premium products sell well in India, and the number of households in India with European [...]

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