Know and Understand your Indian Customers and Competitors

Market Research in India: Make the Right Choices Indian markets are thriving and provide great opportunities to international companies thinking to expand. But a deep understanding of those markets is critical before entry. The economy is dominated by millions of small & family-run companies (less than 10,000 companies have a [...]


Market Information & Initiating Business in India

First published in April 2016 Starting a business in India needs a hands-on, people-driven and contacts-centric approach to reach India’s huge market potential. In India it is important to understand the people and local networks, yet what is often overlooked is where to find the right market for you and [...]


Golden Rules for good collaborations in India

Thomas Weidlich | Attorney-at-Law, Partner | Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH First published in M+V's India Insight Foreign investors often enter the Indian market having in mind its huge growth potential, but underestimating the inherent risks. This is particularly true of collaborations with Indian partners, many of which have been set up [...]

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