Why Producing In India Is A Smart Move

When outsourcing production, Dutch companies quickly think of China, because it can be cheap there. But is that idea still true? Labour costs in China have risen sharply in recent years, the average minimum wage for contract workers in China is now €197.67 and India only €125. There are [...]


Expert Insight: Successfully Developing Sales in India

Expert Insights: Eli Hamacher | Freelance business journalist Published in October 2018 Understand the need and customize With growth rates of roughly 7%, India is the fastest-growing emerging economy. Industries such as logistics and healthcare offer good opportunities for Foreign SMEs. A cleverly planned market entry pays off as [...]


India as a procurement market: Expert Insights

Expert Insights: Eli Hamacher | Freelance business journalist Published in July 2018 "Few countries achieve such high economic growth as India. After a small dent in the previous year, Gross Domestic Product should again expand by more than 7% in 2018," said the head of Economic and Real Estate Analysis [...]


Business Success in India: Build Relationships & Improvise

Expert Insights: Eli Hamacher | Freelance business journalist Published in July 2018 The importance of personal relationships: Skilled and relaxed, two managers portray how well they work together. Mr. Jörn Schmersahl the CEO of Air & Ocean Europe at Rhenus Logistics (Division of Rethmann Group) and Mr. Vivek Arya, [...]


How to manage a project in a cross-cultural team with India

Author: Verity Corbett | Business Development Manager | Maier+Vidorno First published in September 2016 India is a land of adaptability so if you work with Indian outsourcing agencies you probably won’t notice too many cultural differences in the way a team behaves – maybe a little more thinking around the [...]

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