Intercultural Management

///Intercultural Management

Important Success Factors for Doing Business with and in India

Author: Dr. Jana Helbig | Managing Director | German Centre Delhi.Gurgaon First published in M+V’s India Insight in December 2016 When it comes to dealing with Indian business partners or investing [...]

How to manage a project in a cross-cultural team with India

Author: Verity Corbett | Business Development Manager | Maier+Vidorno First published in September 2016 India is a land of adaptability so if you work with Indian outsourcing agencies you probably [...]

The journey from a Suit to a Dhoti

Using Cross-Cultural Psychology to Help International Companies Build Relationships in India Author: Heena Jabeen | Team- Customer Relationship Management | Maier+Vidorno First published in May 2016 Globalization has made the [...]

3 ways your CRM function is helping your business

Author: Suhasini Sharma | Head CRM | Maier+Vidorno First published in March 2016 Everyday interactions, be it with your family, friends or even neighbors are the biggest examples of managing [...]

Overcoming intercultural differences in India

First published in July 2015 Doing business in India is “people business” – this applies when dealing with both clients, distributors, and own personnel. Nothing is as important as good [...]

What makes your Indian team members tick?

Klaus Maier | Managing Director & Founder | M+V & Dr. Singh Sikand  | Director | Steigenberger Hotels First published in April 2015 Cross-cultural leadership skills are the key to business [...]

Business appointments in India

Johannes Klemeyer and Sujata Banerjee | change.project gmbh First published M+V's India Insight in September 2013 The first impression counts – this of course also applies to business trips to India [...]

Cultural differences in India

Johannes Klemeyer | Managing Director  | change.project gmbh First published in M+V's India Insight in June 2013 Modern India is characterised by the two extremes of rapid economic growth and a [...]

Family business in India – balancing the past and the future

Janina Schröder | University Witten/Herdecke First published in M+V’s India Insight in May 2014 In an interview I recently conducted with the owner and CEO of a large family business, [...]