Company Formation & Registration

///Company Formation & Registration

Foreign Companies: India Market Entry Options

Dhrub Thakur | Company Secretary - Head Legal Compliance | Maier+Vidorno Updated in September 2017 Doing business in India is not easy. There are many complexities [...]

Sales in India – what is my best India market-entry strategy?

Shashank Verma | Head Supply Chain & Order Management | Maier+Vidorno Updated in September 2017 India’s markets are insatiable and sales in India are booming.  The growing [...]

India Market Entry: Common mistakes that companies make

Klaus Maier | MD & Founding Partner | Maier+Vidorno First published in August 2015 Entering any new market, especially a foreign market, involves a steep learning curve and there are [...]

State Subsidies in India

Bhavesh Thakkar | Partner | BDO India LLP First published in M+V's India Insight in June 2015 Today, India is considered to be one of the major forces in the global economy. [...]

What is your Market Entry Strategy for India?

Klaus Friedrich Meier | Senior Project Manager | Maier+Vidorno First published in the M+V India Insight in May 2009 To succeed in India, you need a clear market entry strategy [...]