Mandatory BIS Registrations In India 2021: Chemical Products

Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Government of India has announced the proposals for mandatory BIS certification for few more chemical products in the last month on 15th April 2021. This would require domestic and international manufacturers to register themselves with the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS). Additionally, they have [...]


New BIS Registration – Chemical Products in India

The Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals from the Bureau of Indian Standards has published a list of the chemical products that require BIS registration for sale/purchase/storage in the country. All products on this list will need to be registered from 15th December 2020. It makes sense to start the registration [...]


New BIS Registrations – Steel & Steel Products in India

On 28th May 2020, the Ministry of Steel of the Government of India published a new Quality Control Order (QCO) that replaces previous orders. It lists more steel products that require mandatory registration (please refer the QCO for details). It means many new products which were free to export to [...]

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