How To Prevent Permanent Establishment In India

If you do business in India, but do not have an entity there, you can be designated as a Permanent Establishment (PE) in India by the Indian tax authorities. This is something every foreign company wants to avoid. This is because the consequences are big, in many cases, it [...]


Why Producing In India Is A Smart Move

When outsourcing production, Dutch companies quickly think of China, because it can be cheap there. But is that idea still true? Labour costs in China have risen sharply in recent years, the average minimum wage for contract workers in China is now €197.67 and India only €125. There are [...]


Lemken: Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing in India

Maier+Vidorno has supported LEMKEN since the beginning of their business endeavors in India in 2010. Right from Company Incorporation, Recruitment, Land Search, and Project Management for their manufacturing facility set-up, M+V has been a trustworthy partner for all these years. Currently, M+V supports LEMKEN with their legal compliance, which [...]

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