Importing your products into India is a good way to test the market and learn about your industry. Once you have the right registrations and have done a first “test” shipment the actual process of import & distribution in India is not that complicated. What is complicated in India is ensuring you have all the right registrations and calculations to do that first shipment, and that your import strategy makes sense for where your customers are and your pricing.

India is vast and complex, and while implementation of GST has made shipping goods between states much less complicated, it has not solved all the complications. You need to know where your customers are and the best routes to get to them as fast and effectively as possible. You also need the right intelligence to make sure your stock levels are balanced and you are not paying the warehouse for storing your goods for longer than necessary – nor are you out of stock.

Shipping spare parts and managing products for Indian customers who bought online also need to be thought through and understood.

Maier+Vidorno has experts in the import & distribution of products for clients from all over the world. Our team manages all the aspects of exporting to India and distribution to your end client. Our Sales Order Management team manage all this for customers using the M+V Umbrella and for clients with their own set up – where we integrate this with Accounting & Payroll Services.

We answer common questions here, but if you don’t see your question answered, please write to us and we will try to answer it for you!

How do I import into India?

How do I import into India? Is Import-Export in India complicated? The first import into India is usually a bit confusing no matter what industry you are in.  It is not complicated, but requires certain registrations and processes – these will vary from industry to industry – and [...]

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