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Good Financial Management is the key to success of any business and getting it right should never get in the way of sales. But it is critical that your relationship with your customers is not interrupted because of problems with Finance, Accounting or Taxation.  Understanding all the aspects of financing your operations in India, your payroll and accounting and how GST and other taxes work can make a big difference – and reduce a lot of frustrations.

M+V manages the accounts and operations for many international companies and we are often asked to explain different aspects of Finance and Accounting, Payroll Processing, Tax Filing and Foreign Investment.  In this section of our blog we regularly post answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Our Finance & Accounting Services ensure that our clients’ Sales Managers can focus on selling their products and don’t have to handle day to day payroll or taxation issues.   Our foreign investment experts have experience of managing the books and finances of multiple companies as well as all areas of tax filing.  They really know what they are talking about.

As with our other blog sections, if you don’t see your question answered, please write to us and we will try to answer it!

Corporate tax rate on manufacturing setup in India

Sanjeev Kumar | Chartered Accountant and Consultant | Maier+Vidorno LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+ The Indian Government has introduced a favorable tax regime for new manufacturing companies in the recent budget. The benefit will be available to the manufacturing setup in [...]


What is GST?

What is GST? What taxes are subsumed under GST and what taxes are not a part of GST? GST stands for Goods & Services Tax. GST is a value added tax (VAT) on goods and services and will be levied at all points in the supply chain. It [...]


What does GST mean for my business?

What is the impact of GST on business? GST came into effect from July 1st, 2017 and all companies across India had to implement GST and integrate their systems to be GST compliant. It is important to check which of the taxes on the Goods you want to [...]

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