Maier+Vidorno shall be organising the much-awaited Sales Networking meet in August 2018.

In our experience of working with foreign companies in India we have grown to realize that the best way to get better with doing business in India is by learning from the success stories and mistakes of others companies.

The idea behind this meet is to provide a platform to Foreign companies in India for information & business experience exchange and to help build networks among everyone connected to M+V in any capacity, as clients (ex & current, as well as industry associates).

The networking meet is specially being designed for top management and industry experts across several industries in India. Join us for this one-of-a-kind Networking meet to get direct access to other fellow industry experts and share insights on the best business practices, strategies, experiences of other foreign companies in the same and/or different sectors in India.

The agenda is still being finalised and is flexible to suit the expectations of maximum participants. This mail is a pre-intimation & preference check mail to finalise a program as per your interests & convenience. We envision this to be a 1 night 2 day event with minimum 3 knowledge sharing sessions and a networking/cocktail dinner.


Improving Sales Efficiency in a highly competitive marketFinance & Accounting 101: Finance for non-finance ManagersSales Teams, Collaboration & bringing out the best in your resourcesGlobalisation Trends until 2020Management Styles : How Globalisation is affecting Management styles across the globeOther (please specify below)

We look forward to your contribution in finalising the program for this event and hope for maximum partricipation.

Please press the button below to vote for your preference on topics and dates. Alternatively, you can also reply by e-mail to