Business Beyond COVID-19 Peer discussions Online - 29th & 30th July 2020

Right now, we all are working in the same areas: cash, costs, employees and customers.In fact, many of us finding it challenging to address these key business areas. Therefore, we are bringing together experts who can help address these topics in an interactive session especially during COVID-19 phase.


Cash is scarce – how can I manage liquidity over the next months? Furthermore, what works and what doesn’t? What do I need to be conscious of? How can I conserve cash?And, how can I maximize the cash flow as well as manage my relations with customers?


Survival of the fittest – is your organization digitally fit? How can we use it better without losing touch with our customers or employees?Furthermore, is employee-monitoring software effective or Invasive? Lastly, how are supply chains changing with the current digitalisation?


More for less – Firstly, how do you maintain motivation in the time of cost reduction? Secondly, how do I get the best out of my employees? Thirdly, how can I manage cost-cutting and performance? And lastly, what salary expectations do people really have right now?

Managing Expectations

Time is short – What is my Head Office really expecting? How do you balance visibility and transparency? Ways via which I can share the right information when the market is slow? Lastly, how can I set the right expectations?

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Who is this for?

CEOs & MDs, CFOs, COOs, CHROs, India Country Heads, National Sales Heads, Market Expansion Heads – Decision-makers for Indian subsidiaries.

Why talk with us?

We have helped many foreign subsidiaries tackle these issues right now. Therefore, we are bringing together in-house and external experts for these sessions. Learn from the experience of other international companies. Also, understand what works best in times like COVID-19.