Building a Winning team in India & How to motivate and retain employees

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LI Ping HR Director / BHS Corrugated Machinery(Shanghai) Co.Ltd

Strong support in recruitment
M+V is very professional in India HR market. They were able to provide us with strong support in our recruitment. We are satisfied with their service.

Falk Tzchichholz Sales Manager Export / Kjellberg Vertrieb GmbH

Incubation solution
With the incubation solution from Maier + Vidorno , we successfully placed our products in the Indian market and established valuable product market presence, which we can now build on further with our subsidiary

Andreas Dauerbock Quality Assurance / Voestalpine Grobblech GmbH

BIS registration project
The BIS registration project went smooth and efficient. We are very satisfied with the way the documentation, communication and inspection on-site was handled from the Maier+ Vidorno Team. We are happy to recommend working with M+V in India – with the expert’s advice you will need.

Rajesh Nath Managing Director / VDMA India Services Pvt Ltd German Engineering Association

Competent Partner
India has great investment potential for foreign companies if you manage the highly complex business environment professionally. Our experience shows – Maier+Vidorno is a competent partner to efficiently set up and run business.

Bjoern Becker Export Sales / Jumo GmbH & Co KG

Market Presence and Profitability
The cooperation of JUMO and Maier+Vidorno is a success story in India since 2008. Our sales, market presence and profitability in India shows constant growth. M+V knows about the challenges foreign companies face while doing business in India – and provides hands-on solutions.

Rene Pluss CFO, Member of the Board / Regent Beleuchtungskorper AG

Business Diagnostic and Implement Improvement
Maier+Vidorno understands business challenges in the Indian business environment and provides solutions with the help of its experts. M+V has experience in running business diagnostics and implement improvement and expansion strategies in various industries in India.

    Building YOUR team

    India has the youngest and most mobile population in the world. On 11th February, Adela Szatvanyi Executive Director of APAC at OSF Digital discuses about how to build a winning team in India. OSF Digital is a leading global commerce and digital cloud Transformation Company, with expertise in enterprise CRM, CMS, OMS, connected commerce, online shop management and cloud application development. OSF Digital guides businesses throughout their end-to-end digital journey, starting with consulting, strategy planning, implementation, integration and optimization, through to training, support and maintenance.

    Adela Szatvanyi is the Executive Director of APAC at OSF Digital. With over 11 years of experience at OSF Digital, Adela has held the responsibilities of building teams and developing strategies for new regions. She oversees the expansion and growth of the APAC region growing a team of 70+ employees in 8+ countries all working together to deliver high-level global commerce projects to luxury and enterprise brands.

    Adela shares her journey about how OSF digital built a winning team in India. Initially, they focussed on having more control towards on the team certification training support. Interestingly, OSF doesn’t have a country manager in India. They don’t have that role to manage the team because they work remotely, right? Thus, the voice of each and every employee is heard by the management.

    The approach of Hiring the Right People and building the right team:

    OSF started in APAC six years ago, when one of their worldwide customers decided to expand their presence in the APAC region. In India, they started with the project manager, a position that in OSF is an interface between the customer and the development team. Then, they started to work with an outside sourcing company, and from that everything came naturally, but it was a trial and error kind of strategy. The ideal skill which the members at the OSF have is communication skills because teams work cross-culturally to deliver results.

    The challenges the company came across were the people they hired were quite introverted, so instead of communicating the reason why the resignation rate was very high because their managers were in different countries and the person of contact in the same country was different.

    Bridging the communication gap between employees:

    After analyzing the situation in India, they had to come to some creative ways wherein they can engage their employees with each other. Following were some of the ways to get colleagues engaged:

    • Social conversation: Start conversation based on hobbies
    • Coaching: Platforms wherein people can build their soft skills. If you want to learn how to cook, or how to play the guitar we provide them a platform wherein they can learn.
    • Monthly calls: We have games, interactive games wherein we know each other. Each monthly call there is a different owner and he introduces himself by showing pictures of hobbies, his interest. I know you even if I have never met you before.
    • Online meditation sessions, online cardio sessions
    • Whenever possible meet with your team face to face. But since the pandemic, one person from the senior management gets on a one-to-one call with the employees.

    End result:

    They had zero resignations in 2020.

    Three important key takeaways in order to build a winning team in India:

     Considering the pace at which the eCommerce market is growing. India has a very interesting, very aggressive pace of growth online. Following are the key takeaways from the Indian market.

    • Communicate with your team member irrespective of their profile. Find a way to reach them out, to be more talkative, to open up and understand what they actually want.
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s): Define proper KPIs for every project. You will need to set up a team for a project or running the region.
    • Give peace of mind to your employees regarding administrative issues.

    How can you motivate, manage and retain employees in India:

    • Offers get rejected; you need a strong pipeline
    • Offers get negotiated; you need a strong benchmarking
    • Need for the robust selection process; to mitigate early warning signs
    • Team & reporting structures need attention
    • Managing a team from afar is challenging; need very strong connect
    • High need to focus on building a relationship
    • Tactical actions on the ground are need
      1. Policies
      2. Clarity & support

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