What are the average pay rates in India: Degree employees, skilled tradesmen including machine operators, Telemarketers/Sales Service, Laborers?

Average pay rates in India have been increasing fast (See graph below), and vary a lot across the country. The average salary in 2016 was INR 19,492 ($229), but this includes a lot of rural workers on disproportionately small salaries. In reality foreign companies will be mostly hiring in the cities which have far higher salaries. In Mumbai the average wage was INR 66,900 while in Chandigargh – a far smaller city – it was only INR 43,900.

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Source: Labour Bureau – Ministry of Labour and Trading Economics, March 2017

Average pay rates in India also vary a lot according to skill level:

JobDefinitionSalary (INR)ExampleExperience
Unskilled workersActivities learnt in a few days, no special vocational training required6,500“Operator” in manufacturing0 to 2 years
Supervised employeesActivities performed under supervision needing Multi-annual vocational training21,600Mechanical Engineer automotive2 to 5 years
Trained employeesTasks performed reliably without supervision and Manufacturing processes49,900“AutoCad Engineer” automotive5 to 8 years
Experienced employeesSeveral years of experience and management authority46,200“Production Engineer” pharmaceutical5 to 8 years

Source: TeamLease “Salary Primer 2016”, June 2016

In a market like India, attrition rates are higher than many other foreign countries. So to attract talented employees and retain them it is very important that your salaries meet or exceed the average pay rates in India. Additionally, there are many checks that a foreign company should take into consideration before hiring in India. Consulting a recruitment expert  is advised in order to take the right decision at hiring the right person at the right salary.