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State Subsidies in India

Dhrub Thakur | Company Secretary - Head Legal Compliance | Maier+Vidorno December 2019 India is an emerging economy. In the past few years, India has witnessed the foreign start-up culture which is still gaining momentum. At present, there are over [...]


How do I manage my after sales in India?

How do I manage my after sales in India? After sales service is a powerful tool to retain customers for life. Over a period of time, it is emerging as a key differentiator in garnering customer’s trust for most organisations. Let us see why after sales service is [...]


When To Set Up A Liaison Office in India

Dhrub Thakur | Company Secretary - Head Legal Compliance | Maier+Vidorno Liaison Office: Basic Concepts In our previous article, we explained the different India Market Entry Strategies and the options for company formation. Here we will focus on just one of those options: [...]


India vs China: New Investment Destination

Will India’s population boom lead to economic boom like it did in China? India and China have the largest populations in the world and immense geographical trade advantages. China's boom was spurred by the “demographic dividend” of the great population boom of the 1950s-1970s. As China’s population dividend [...]


How to structure your sales team in India?

Updated in April 2019 Foreign companies that employ personnel in India need to consider cultural differences, not only when choosing and hiring staff in India but also with regard to the organizational structure and team composition of the workforce – especially when assembling a sales team in India. [...]


What is the buying power in India for b2c products/services?

What percentage of population have the buying power in India (income consumption capacity) to realistically be considered serious prospects for b2c products/services? Updated in March 2019 Buying power in India really depends on your industry and products and how much of India’s massive population is really in your market [...]

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