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Positive outlook for Foreign Investments in the Indian Medical Device Industry

The Indian Healthcare Industry has grown to one of the largest sectors in the country both in terms of revenue and employment. The Industry is expected to touch $160 billion [...]

Government policies pave the way for a growing Textile Industry in India

India’s Textile and Apparel Sector contribute around 10% to the manufacturing production, 2% to the GDP and 15% to the total exports earnings of the country. Being one of the oldest industries [...]

Foreign Strategic Partnerships to transform Indian Aerospace & Defence Industry

India’s Aerospace manufacturing stands at $250 million, compared to the $100 billion global market. However, the outlook for the Aerospace and Defence Industry in India is positive and expected to [...]

Diversified Opportunities for Investors in the Indian Packaging Industry

Aug 24, 2017 For industry statistics, industry events and more news on the Packaging Industry in India, click Packaging Industry Expertise. Packaging was the 5th largest sector of India’s economy in [...]

Favorable policies boost India’s Chemical industry

Dhrub Thakur | Company Secretary - Head Legal Compliance | Maier+Vidorno Updated in September 2017 India is the seventh largest producer of chemicals worldwide and third [...]

Indian Electronics Industry offers a plethora of Investment Opportunities

The Indian Electronics Industry is one of the fastest growing in the world and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 42.4% to reach $400 billion in 2020 from [...]

Bright prospects for India’s Construction Industry

The Indian Construction industry is one of the most important industries and a major driver of India’s economy. Its activities contribute more than 8% to India’s GDP. Due to the [...]

Aviation Industry experiencing robust opportunistic growth

India aims to become the largest aviation market by 2030. The Civil Aviation Industry has built an ecological system for growth, driven by factors such as modern airports, FDI in [...]

The rise of flexible packaging in India

Sustainability has become an important factor for many of us and has emerged as a key driver of innovation. Due to trends like a stronger influence of recycling and environmental [...]

Foreign investors betting on the Indian Chemical Industry

By contributing around 3% to India’s GDP the Indian Chemical Industry is one of the most important contributors to the country’s economic development. In terms of domestic production and exports, [...]