March, 17th 2015 | Cologne, Germany
March, 19th 2015 | Munich, Germany

What is the “right way” to enter the Indian market? Find out at our India business seminars!

Maier+Vidorno India Consulting invites you to the focus business seminar on India Market Entry and India Market Expansion | Joint Venture, Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) or Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS)

India experts in Business Development and Finance share experience through case studies and business examples and focus on strategic development of the Indian market. India Market Entry and Expansion Options are discussed from Joint Venture, Mergers & Acquisition as well as the own India subsidiary.

Program in brief:

  • What is the right strategy for me to reach my sales targets for India?
  • Mergers & Acquisition? Joint Venture in India? Forming an own India subsidiary?
  • How do I find the right acquisition target? And how do I evaluate the acquisition target’s potential?
  • What are the risks involved from financial, compliance and market perceptions? How do I minimize the risk?

We will discuss these and further questions on Doing business in India and provide valuable insights and keys to success for your India business. These seminars should be attended by managing directors, board members and executives from companies that do not yet have a subsidiary in India. If you are interested in the agenda and registration form, please contact Ms. Parboti Maya Bhattacharya per mail or via the telephone number + 49 221 880 408-18.