10th India Day – A Successful Anniversary

/10th India Day – A Successful Anniversary
  • 10th India Day - a successful anniversary

This time India Day celebrated its 10th anniversary. A good reason for the organizers Maier + Vidorno, Luther and the Sparkassenfinanzgruppe, together with about 200 participants, to organize this event on the 25th of June in the festive Flora Cologne. The Business Forum has traditionally been held in Cologne since June 2010. The peculiarity of the India Days lies in the fact that entrepreneurs report first-hand on their practical experience in entering the market. The theory and long political speeches are kept to a minimum.

India is currently looking forward to another five years of entrepreneurial government and new reforms for foreign companies planning to invest in India. That’s why the election and the structural challenges of the country were also central topics of the event. Not only in the lectures of the Bertelsmann Stiftung and Helaba but also during an exciting panel discussion, which shed light on the question “How are things going with India?” From different gaze wraps with the conclusion “The country is on the right track”.

In further lectures and panels, company representatives of medium-sized and large companies gave away their “recipe for success” for the Indian market and drew attention to golden rules and pitfalls, which should be considered at the start in India. Practical and cross-industry information was passed on, how the local sales force is properly set up, whether the right personnel is found or whether an effective subsidiary is established. As every year, the speakers reported surprisingly openly and honestly about their experiences and were not afraid to share the things that initially did not run optimally when entering the market. Even football fans were not forgotten, as Borussia Dortmund told the participants in a short presentation exclusively how the football club is currently winning fans in India.

Networking is also an important topic in India Day. Under the motto “Learning from Experience”, the participants had the opportunity to talk to each other in the air-conditioned flora at almost Indian temperatures in Cologne. This possibility was used because even in the breaks there were eager discussions and there was a fruitful exchange between the participants. Thus, entrepreneurs who travel to India regularly could gain new knowledge.

Even after the 10th India Day, participants agreed that when it comes to India, you never stop learning.

A very successful anniversary!


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