This year was the 10th anniversary of India Day. A good reason for the organizers Maier+Vidorno, Luther, and Sparkassenfinanzgruppe to hold this special event with about 200 participants on 25th June in the festive Flora Köln. The event has traditionally been held in Cologne in June since 2010. The distinctive part about India Day is that businesspeople talk about their practical experiences in India.

India is currently looking forward to another five years with a business-friendly government and new reforms for foreign companies that want to invest in India. That’s why the recent elections and fundamental challenges in the country were topics at the event.  “What’s next for India?” was the central question in presentations by Bertelsmann Stiftung and Helaba, while a panel of experts examined the subject from several angles and thought that the country is on the right course.

In other presentations and panels, representatives of medium-sized and large companies shared their “recipes for success” in the Indian market and described preparations and pitfalls when starting a business in India. They explained how to set up a local sales team, how to find the right staff, and how to establish an effective subsidiary in India – all in a practical and cross-industry manner. Like every year, the speakers were very open and honest about their experiences and not afraid to share things that did not work out when they entered the Indian market. Even football fans did not miss out as Borussia Dortmund gave exclusive insights on how the football club is currently winning fans in India.

Networking is also an important part of India Day. The participants had opportunities to talk to each other in the air-conditioned Flora, while temperatures outside were almost Indian. Discussions at the coffee and lunch tables were enthusiastic, and even business people who travel regularly to India gained new insights.

Following the 10th India Day participants acknowledged that, when it comes to India, you never stop learning.

A very successful anniversary!